Brain Frame Yearbook


Image of Brain Frame Yearbook

Limited edition, 160 pages, leatherette, foil embossed, color. There are only a few of these left in the whole world.

The Brain Frame Yearbook is a compendium of every Brain Frame performer and performance from all three years of the groundbreaking performative-comix reading series. Crafted by the Yearbook Club, edited by Lyra Hill, and filled with content from a star-studded cast of Chicago cartoonists, the Yearbook contains:

- Self-portraits of every Brain Frame performer, accompanist, documentarian, and event assistant
- Recaps of every Brain Frame event from the past three years, with photos, credits, and personal memories
- Autograph pages
- New comics by Brain Frame community members
- Illustrated essays by Brain Frame community members
- The winners of the Brain Frame Superlatives
- Fun Facts, Poster Toasts from the Poster Ghost, Op-Ed pieces, Costume spreads, Brain Frame phrenology, puzzles, quizzes, jokes, and more!