BRAIN FRAME 19 screen print

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Death visits the High Priestess of Brain Frame and her interns in this epic reimagining of the 13th card of the Tarot, designed by Lillie West and Lyra Hill. All five layers of this monolithic print are split fountains, or a gradient from one ink color to another.

Promotional poster for BRAIN FRAME 19, featuring Jessica Campbell and Aaron Renier, Anya Davidson and Carrie Vinarsky, Lyra Hill, Emily Hutchings and Ian McDuffie, Nick Jackson, Rough House, and Gina Wynbrandt. Brain Frame was a performative comix reading series, and a pillar of Chicago's underground weirdo scene, from 2011 - 2014. BRAIN FRAME 13 was the show's third anniversary, and grand finale.

5 color screen print on soft, heavy paper.
22" x 29"
Edition of 122
Printed in Chicago by Lyra Hill and Brad Rohloff, 2014.

Image of BRAIN FRAME 19 screen print Image of BRAIN FRAME 19 screen print